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Сборка dd-wrt

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Хочу сделать собственную сборку на основе готовых , например возьмем dir 300

скачал firmware kit делаю так

bash old-extract.sh dir.bin word-dir/

Получаю шляпу



checking for zlib.h... yes
checking lzma.h usability... no
checking lzma.h presence... no
checking for lzma.h... no
error: missing liblzma header files
 Build seems successful.
 Preparing working directory ...
 Removing any previous files ...
 Creating directories ...
 Extracting firmware
! untrx failed, trying splitter3
 Not recognized by splitter3
 Attempting raw linux style firmware package (i.e. TEW-632BRP) ...
 Extracting dir.bin to word-dir/ ...
 Error: filesystem not extracted properly.
  firmware image format not compatible?




А если делаю  просто

bash extract-firmware.sh dir.bin word-dir/

Firmware Mod Kit (extract) 0.99, ©2011-2013 Craig Heffner, Jeremy Collake

Preparing tools ...
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.
Tools build failed! Check pre-requisites. Quitting...




debian 8 lzma-dev установлен и xz-utils тоже ...  Как быть?

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